Vanquish - The Adventures of Lady Exton 1.1.1

Vanquish - The Adventures of Lady Exton 1.1.1



Size:33.6 MB

Date Added:15 December, 2014

Author: Runestone Studios

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Vanquish - The Adventures of Lady Exton is a charming action-packed 2D side-scrolling platformer game set in a Steampunk inspired world.

The survival of the human world is at stake. Guide Lady Exton through multiple unlockable levels and worlds with quirky Mechanoids waiting to get their steely butts kicked!

An artistic continuous runner with simplistic tapping to jump, glide, shoot & fight your way to victory!

The simple controls make it easy to pick up but challenge your reflexes as you progress.

How to play:

- Lady Exton will run continuously. Tap to make her jump

-While jumping, tap again and hold to glide. The quicker you tap, the higher she goes. Let go to stop gliding, or let her ease out of the glide

-Scale walls with a combination of jumping and gliding

-Some monsters can only be killed by jumping on them, while some need to be shot at

-Collect cogs to earn points. They will also be the beacons guiding you. Try to get a perfect 100 on each level.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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